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Welcome into the 3D Aligner World The BLP-EL is the 3D technology portfolio. Based on the powerful camera technology, the BLP-EL offers the 3D technology at a best convenient price. All the most important vehicles angles can be measured in a fast and easy way just by following the guided software.

Product Features

• Ultra Camera / Target Measuring System
• Truly 3D Modelling Technology
• Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator provides visual and directional assistance
• Lightweight Passive Targets mean no electronics to handle
• Comprehensive 30+ years regional vehicle specifications database
• Alignment readings in under 2 minutes
• Imaging 2-Wheel alignment with 2 or 4 targets
• Short Bay Imaging Aligner - 68.5"between turntable centerline and wall

Wheel Aligner
  General Features   Operator Efficiency   Measurements &   Adjustments
  Windows 7 Operating System   Integrated Help System   Caster & SAI on Turntables
  Vehicle Specifications - 30+ years   3D Animations   Toe Out on Turns and Max Turn
  Custom Vehicle Specifications   Tools, Parts & Adjustment Instructions   Imaging 2-Wheel Alignment
  Regional Specifications   Customer Data Entry   Live Caster, Camber & Toe
  Multiple Languages - 37 Total   Advanced Customer Database   A-Arm Adjust
  Calibration History   Customer Database Back-up/Restore   Rear Shims
  Aligner System Diagnostics   Multiple Print Formats   NorthStar Shim Program
  Back-up/Restore of Calibration Data   Roll Forward & Split Positioning Sequence   Ford Front Bushing
    Multiple Clamp Support   EZ Toe
  Standard Accessories
Brake Pedal
Depressor 96C
Wheel Chock
Wheel Holder
  Optional Accessories
Premium Turntable
Paddle Kit
Calibration Kit w/o Target
Alloy Quick Clamp Kit
Clamp Extensions

  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
Display the data measured
and vehicle specifications
Maintenance-free and
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  3D Measurement Screen
All data measured is shown in a
conspicuous 3D graphics to allow
easy overall diagnostics
Measure Caster, SAI, TOOT,
Maximum Turn Angle
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Customer Data
The customer database
feature allows entry of
information about the
customer and his vehicle
  3D Animated Graphics
Easy to understand online help
guide the operator through
vehicle-specific adjustments
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  V.O.D.I. ™
- Guides technician through
measuring process
- Reduces the amount of time
spent walking back and forth from
the vehicle to the aligner console
  Wheel Clamps
User-friendly through practical
quick clamps corrosion-proof
through partly chrome-plated
surfaces and a clamping range
of 11" - 22" (up to 26" optional

Wheel Balancers   Wheel Balancers

Product Features

• Simply start measuring run by closing of wheel guard
or pressing START key
• Optimization, spoke mode with hidden weight
function and EASYALU mode
• 19"color monitor
• 10 weight compartments with ample space in weight
storage and within easy reach of the operator
• User-friendly graphical interface
• Motor drive with V-belt for constant rotational speed
during measuring run
• Perfect solution to optimize the working space
• 2D Semi Automatic Parameter Entry (SAPE)

Product Features

• Simply start measuring run by closing of wheel
guard or pressing START key
• Hidden weight mode (HSP)
• Weight tray with 10 weight compartments
• Motor drive with V-belt for constant rotational
speed during measuring run
• Weight minimization
• Compact foot print occupying minimum floor
• In ALU modes (ALU 2P and ALU 3P) accurate
location of weight position inside the rim with
the gauge arm

  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  19" monitor with
graphical interface
  Split weight mode,
adhesive weights can
be hidden behind
adjacent spokes of
alloy rim
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Gauge arm equipped
with weight clamp retains
the wheel weight in the
correct position for
weight placement
  ALU 2P/3P mode for exact
weight positioning
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Easy identification of ALU
mode with bright LEDs
indicating selected weight
  Wheel guard is included
as standard
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  40mm shaft diameter for
superb stability and
balancing of heavy wheels
  ALU 2P/3P mode for exact
weight positioning
  General Features   1D   2D     Technical Data 1D   2D
 RPM Technology •  •   Rim Centre Bore Diameter   43-116 mm
 1D SAPE   •   Shaft Diameter   49 mm
 2D SAPE •     Measuring Speed   ˜200 rpm
 Gauge Arm with Wheel Weight Positioning •  •   Measuring Time   6-10s
 LCD Monitor •     Rim Width   1-16"
 ALU Mode 5 4  Rim Width (Dynamic)   3-16"
 Automatic ALU Mode •     Rim Diameter   12-22"
 PAX Mode •     Max. Wheel Width with Wheel Guard  400 mm
 Multiple User Capability 4 4  Max. Wheel Diameter with Wheel Guard 880 mm
 Weight Minimization •  •   Max. Wheel Diameter w/o Wheel Guard 1016 mm
 Wheel Guard •  •   Max. Wheel Weight 65kg
       Dimensions (D*W*H) 1111x1036x1633 mm
       Weight 89kg       84kg
       Power Supply 200-240V, 1Ph/50/60Hz
  Standard Accessories
Rim Width Clamp
Quick Nut & Cone Set
(ø 43-77, 72-99, 96-116mm)
Universal Weight Plier
  Optional Accessories
    Motorcycle Adaptor


Wheel Balancers   Wheel Balancers

Product Features: Swing-arm type

• Pressure limiter, air filter and oil reservoir for lubricant
to ensure the safe operation and durability of the
• Mount / demount tools with plastic protection
prevent any damages on the alloy rim during
• The special design of the tilt-back post guarantees
minimum tension even when hard tires are mounted
or demounted
• High ground clearance of foot pedals facilitate
operations during mounting and demounting
• Tried, tested and proven clams with covered sliding
grooves ensure operator's safety

Product Features: Tilt-back type

• Rugged and robust design to withstand the
demanding environment of a workshop
• Swing-arm design that is suitable for a wide
range of rim and wheel sizes
• 14mm thick square turntable to withstand the
increased bending forces when handling large
and low-profile tires

  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Center-clamp design
with covered sliding
grooves ensure
operator safety
  Tried, tested and proven
clamps with plastic
protection on existing
machines are used
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Pneumatic pedal
-operated tilting adds
user friendliness.
Pneumatic locking of
the post in working
position ensures
  The oversize bead
breaker blade handles
rims most gently
(additional plastic
protectors available as
an optional extra)
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  High ground clearance
of foot pedals facilitate
operation with
steel-tipped boots
  Center-clamp design
with covered sliding
grooves ensure safety
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Pressure limiter, air filter
and oil reservoir for
lubricant to ensure the
safe operation and
durability of the machine
  Tried, tested and proven
clamps with plastic
protection on existing
machines are used
  Technical Data   Swing-arm   Tilt-back   Technical Data Swing-arm  Tilt-back
 Maximum Wheel Diameter 39" (1000mm)  Weight 200 kg 173 kg
 Maximum Rim Width 12" (305mm)  Tire Lever •  • 
 Maximum Tire Width 13" (330mm)  Servicing Unit with Pressure Relief Valve & Oiler •  • 
 Inner Clamping Range 12"-22"  Manual Inflator •  • 
 Outer Clamping Range 10"-20"  Plastic Protector for Clamping Jaws •  • 
 Chuck Speed 6.5rpm  Holder for Tire Lubricant Container •  • 
 Compressed Air Supply 8-12bar (110-170psi)  Plastic Protector for Mounting Nose •  • 
 Power Supply 230/1Ph/50-60Hz or 380v/3Ph/50-60Hz  MH •   
 Dimensions (D*W*H) 1040x1550x1770 (mm)     1040x892x1770 (mm)      
  Optional Accessories
  Pneumatic Mounting Tool


  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Turntable pocket   15 level locking positions
with pneumatic lock
release system
  Wheel Aligner   Wheel Aligner  
  Full height (1860mm) for
stand-up comfort during
alignment adjustment
  Secondary lifting platform  

Product Features: Scissor-on-Scissor

Product Features: Scissor-on-Scissor
Automotive Lifts
• With lifting 3.5 ton capacity for primary and secondary platform
• Primary platform design - eliminate the requirement for additional roller jack and also having a
clear unobstructed working area between the platform
• Without columns, compact and space-saving design
• Dual engaging twin interlocking mechanical safety lock with pneumatic release (from 430mm)

Specications: SOS Lift
  Technical Data       
 Drive Electrical Hydraulic  Rear Slip Plate Length 1517 mm
 Maximum Capacity 3500 kg  Primary Lift Height 1860 mm
 Overall Length 4300 mm  Secondary Lift Height 456 mm
 Primary Runway Length 4000 mm  Runway Initial Height 330 mm
 Secondary Runway Length 1400 mm  Primary Lifting Time 40-60s
 Overall Width 2160 mm  Primary Lowering Time 40-60s
 Primary Platform Width 620 mm  Secondary Lifting Time 10-30s
 Secondary Platform Width 550 mm  Secondary Lowering Time 10-30s
 Width between Runways 920 mm  Working Temperature 5-40°C
 Min. Wheel Base-4 Wheel Alignment 1915 mm  Air Supply Requirements 8-10 bar
 Max. Wheel Base-4 Wheel Alignment 3280 mm  Power Requirements 380V±5%3Ph/50Hz or 230V±5%1Ph/50Hz
Automotive Lifts

Product Features: 2-Post Clear Floor

• Designed for car and light trucks up to 4 ton
• Semi-symmetric - large swing arm area
designed to cater for various lifting position
• Secure - rubber doors guard prevent damages
when moving in/out of the vehicle. Heavy duty
arm restraints and hydraulic hose guards
designed to be safe and long lasting
• Smooth lift operation - nylon glide blocks are
used to provide durable and smooth operation
• Arm pads - adjustable screw with stackable
rubber lifting pad

2-stage for
4 ton clear floor
2-Post Clear Floor

Specications: 2-Post Lift
  Technical Data       
 Capacity 4.0 Arm Type 2-stage
 Overall Width 3402  Safety Valve Yes
 Width between Columns 2752 Mechanical Safety Latches Yes
 Drive-thru Width 2437 Arm Design Symmetric
 Overall Height 3705 Type of Equalization Cable
 Under Bar Clearance 3593 Hydraulic System Chain over
 Height to Lowered Lift Pad 114  Hydraulic Cylinder with Double Seal Yes
 Height to Raised Low Lift Pad 159 Overhead Limit Switch Yes
 Front Arm 802 to 1202  Electrical Release 2 sides manual
 Rear Arm 802 to 1202 Double Telescopic Pad Screw Option
 Maximum Lifting Height 1756 Door Guard Yes
 Lift Time / Lower Time 50 / 40 Power Supply 230˜400V, 50/60Hz, 1/3Ph