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Hougen HMD150

Single-Weave Flexible Eye Pulling Grips

KPJ Junior Duty
For equivalent cable diameters in fractional inches and in metric dimensions (mm), see Dimensions Conversion Reference Table 3.



Double-Weave Flexible-Eye Pulling Grips Double-Weave Rotating-Eye Pulling Grips Slack-Pulling Offset Flexible-Eye Pulling Grips

How to select proper grip eye and mesh type
There are three basic styles of pulling grips, together
with a choice of wire mesh types and lengths to meet
a wide variety of pulling requirements.


1. Flexible Eye: Closed Mesh


This pulling-grip eye allows maximum flexibility to follow the
line of pull, and is used when the end of the cable is available.
Mesh selection depends on the weight of the material
being pulled. Closed-mesh, single weave, flexible-eye grips
are offered in lengths for junior-duty and light-duty use; closedmesh,
double-weave, flexible-eye grips are offered for mediumduty
and heavy-duty use.


2. Rotating Eye: Closed Mesh


Recommended for heavier pulling jobs and underground wiring,
this pulling grip eye is furnished on double-weave mesh grips
in a wide range of lengths. The rotating eye compensates for
pulling torque, relieving strain on the cable. Rotating-eye grips
should not be used on rope or as a swivel.


3. Offset Flexible Eye: Closed and Split Mesh


These slack-pulling grips come in three styles: (1) doubleweave
closed-mesh (for medium duty where the end of the
cable is available), (2) double-weave split-mesh with lace
closure (medium duty, where cable end is not available) and
(3) single-weave split-mesh with rod closure (light duty, where
cable end is not available).