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MDX Series battery testers and electrical system analyzers incorporate more than 25 years of experience designing essential battery testing tools featuring industry standard conductance technology for nearly every car and truck OEM in the world.

The Next Generation in Battery Testing Productivity

Designed to replace our Micro Series of battery and electrical analyzers, MDX Series products offer improvements and capabilities that can carry you through the next 10 years of battery and electrical testing.

Midtronics MDX-600 Series

The MDX-600 Series from Midtronics combines more than 25 years of experience and innovation gained from selling essential tools to nearly every car and truck OEM in the world, with the industry standard conductance technology for battery testing to make testing safe, fast, and simple.

Save Time and Money by Improving
Battery Testing Productivity

The MDX-600 Series helps you:

• Improve customer service by reducing wait times.
• Increase sales by proactively testing batteries and electrical systems.
• Increase customer satisfaction by identifying potential problems before they occur.

MDX-600 Series advanced features include:

• Multiple vehicle applications, battery types and rating systems
• Large back-lit screen and improved user interface
• Integrated printer option
• Improved removable cable design

Vehicle Applications
• Automotive
• Motorcycle
• Truck
Battery Type
• Regular flooded
• AGM flat plate
• AGM spiral
• Gel
Global Systems
• 6 and 12 volt batteries
Advanced Starter/Alternator Testing
(655 / 655P Only)

• Quick starter analysis without
disabling the ignition
• Advanced menu-driven interface
for a complete charging system
analysis in seconds

MDX Series battery testers and electrical system

MDX Series battery testers and electrical system

MDX Series battery testers and electrical system

  • MDX-655
Battery and Electrical System Analyzer combines the full MDX-645 capabilities for battery
testing with in-vehicle capabilities for analyzing the starting and charging systems (6 and 12 volt batteries and 12 and 24 volt charging systems)
• MDX-655P
All of the MDX-655 features, plus
an Integrated Printer




• MDX-645 Battery Conductance Analyzer
Includes: MDX-600 Series Analyzer, MDX-645
Software (installed), Manual CD, 122 cm cable set
• MDX-645P Battery Conductance Analyzer
Includes: MDX-600 Series Analyzer with integrated
printer, MDX-645 Software (installed), Manual CD,
122 cm cable set.
• MDX-655 Battery Conductance and Electrical
System Analyzer
Includes: MDX-600 Series Analyzer, MDX-655
Software (installed), Manual CD, 305 cm cable set.
• MDX-655P Battery Conductance and Electrical
System Analyzer with Integrated Printer
Includes: MDX-600 Series Analyzer with integrated
printer, MDX-655 Software (installed), Manual CD,
305 cm cable set.
Available Accessories:
A207 Replacement 122 cm Battery Test Cable
A208 Replacement 305 cm Battery Test Cable
85660/12 12 pack, thermal paper
A088/A089 IR Printer with Charger

• Automotive
• Motorcycle
• Truck
• 6 & 12 Volt batteries
• 12 & 24 Volt charging systems
5-line Text/Graphical Backlit Display
Operating Temperature:
0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F)

Test Range:
• EN: 100-2000 by 5 • DIN: 100-1200 by 5
• SAE: 100-2000 by 5 • IEC: 100-1200 by 5
• JIS#: By Part Number

Voltage Range:
1Vdc – 30Vdc

Cable Length:
• 122 cm /4' (MDX-645/645P)
• 305 cm /10' (MDX-655/655P)

Power Requirements:
Uses the power of the battery under test and
6 AA Internal Batteries

24 Languages
Housing Material:
Acid resistant ABS plastic

MDX-645/ MDX-655: 19,5 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
MDX-645P/MDX-655P: 27 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm

MDX-645/655: 544g (1.2lbs)
MDX-645P/MDX-655P: 771g (1.7lbs)



Our most advanced hand-held electrical diagnostic tool

The EXP-1000 Handheld Expandable Electrical System Tester from Midtronics allows you to diagnose every part of the electrical system, from the battery to the starter and alternator, more accurately and decisively than ever before. The EXP-1000 Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform marks the next generation of handheld analyzers -- so revolutionary, it makes other electrical system diagnostic tools obsolete.
One of the largest, easiest-to-read displays in the industry
Advanced analyzer
Digital multimeter
Data management tool
All in the palm of your hand!

Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology
• Combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve
accuracy and decisiveness
Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides the ability to analyze the amplitude level and
frequency of the ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or
shorted diodes and open-phase conditions
DMM Function for Advanced Diagnostics
• AC/DC Volts • Volts/Amps mode • Temperature
• Ohm meter • AC/DC Amps • Scope mode • Diode test
Patented Conductance Cable Drop Test
• Interactive test routines using dual cable sets for more effective analysis of voltage drop
across ground circuit, starter system, alternator system, and generic system testing
Enhanced Communications Capabilities
• IR printer option
• Data card reader/writer for future upgrades
Superior User Interface
• Large graphical screen for icons and improved explanations
• Scroll bar capability means fewer overall screens
• Alphanumeric keypad, icon-based menus and hot keys improve logic and flow
EXP Series


DynamicConductance Technology
Breakthrough battery testing
technology from Midtronics
delivers improved battery testing
accuracy and decisiveness.

Direct Temperature Measurement
Creates a third dimension to the
Midtronics battery test algorithms,
improving decisiveness and making
all decisions more accurate.

Deep Scan Testing
Uses multiple frequencies and test
points on deeply discharged batteries to
make more decisions so that customers
can avoid charging batteries with shorts,
opens, and bad cells.


More functions and expandability
From battery, starter, and alternator diagnostics to circuit integrity testing, the EXP is the most versatile and reliable electrical diagnostic tool on the market
today. With the ability to perform more tests with one tool, you can be more efficient, cut costs, and easily update to the newest technologies.


Enhanced Starter Diagnostics
Using the optional Amp Clamp provides an enhanced
level of diagnostics beyond just starter voltage drop.
The EXP starter diagnostics include starter amps draw,
voltage drop, start time, and starter circuit resistance
resulting in more accurate results.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Capability
For Advanced Alternator Diagnostics the EXP uses superior DSP capability to digitize the measured alternator output
voltage and evaluate the spectral content of the signal.
This digitized signal allows the EXP to combine pattern recognition with the amplitude level of the AC signal for
improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open phase conditions, (multiple diode failure
or winding problems).

EXP Series


EXP Series


DMM Function Range Tolerance
DC Voltage 0–60 V 0.05% + 2 VDC
AC Voltage 0–24 V  0.1% + 3 VAC
Resistance 10 ohm–2 Mohm 2.0% + 4
DC and AC Amps 0–70 A +/- 3% of reading +/- 1 A
  0–700 A +/- 3% of reading +/- 1 A
Continuity < 10 ohm 2.0% + 4 ohm
Diode 0–1.5 V 0.05% + 2 V
Temperature -20–200°F 1.0% + 5


• EXP-1000 - EXP-1000 Analyzer, 10'
Battery Test Cable, DMM Clamps and
Probes, Carrying Case, and Stud Adapters
• EXP-1000 AMP - EXP-1000 Analyzer, Amp
Clamp, 10' Battery Test Cable, DMM Clamps
and Probes, Carrying Case, and Stud
• EXP-1000 KIT - EXP-1000 Analyzer, IR
Printer, 10' Battery Test Cable, DMM Clamps
and Probes, Carrying Case, and Stud
• EXP-1000 AMP KIT - EXP-1000 Analyzer,
Amp Clamp, IR Printer, 10' Battery Test
Cable, 10' Cable Verification Leads, DMM
Probes, Carrying Case, and Stud Adapters
• Tests 6 and 12 volt automotive and
marine batteries (including
AGM batteries)
• 12 volt charging system diagnostics

Power Requirements:
• (6) AA Alkaline batteries
Operating Range:
• 6 and 12 volt batteries
Rating System Range
CCA 100–3000
CA 100–3000
MCA 100–3000
JIS By JIS number
DIN 100–1000
SAE 100–3000
IEC 100–1000
EN 100–3000
• 128 x 64 pixel graphics,
backlit display
Temperature Compensation:
• Built–in temperature
measurement when
prompted by analyzer
Operating Temperature:
• 32° F – 120° F (0° C – 49° C)

Test Leads:
• 10 ft cable with dual conductor
Kelvin clamps
Housing Material:
• ABS plastic with Santoprene overmolds
9.5 in H x 4 in W x 2.5 in D
• 1 lb / 427 g
Carrying Case:
• Heavy–duty molded plastic
• English
• Spanish
• French-Canadian


Midtronics GRX-3000 Battery Diagnostic Station

Easy-to-use scalable solution designed to support full-service battery management programs

Fast, accurate and reliable, the GRX can determine, often in less than five minutes, the difference between a recoverable battery and one that is not. Diagnostic charging is uniquely designed to continuously monitor the charging progression. Each session is customized and highly controlled charging stops as soon as a battery can be returned to the customer or is determined to require replacement. Defective batteries with open welds and shorts are identified rapidly and recoverable batteries are quickly and safely charged, putting your customers back on the road faster. The GRX diagnostic station delivers better efficiency in the shop, clearer test results and more accurate preventative maintenance decisions by helping to eliminate guesswork and wasted time charging defective batteries. Available in the Americas (110 volt)

Saves Money

• Modular design enables you to easily adapt the product to fit your needs
• Buy the features you need now, but retain the flexibility to add more
functionality later

• Works with 6-volt and 12-volt vehicle batteries—regular flooded,
AGM and Gel
• Integrates seamlessly with existing testing equipment
• Includes standard USB port and data card slot for field upgrades and
data collection
• Easy-to-install optional communications modules allow you to add
Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or add-on features like barcode
scanners or RFID devices via serial port
• Optional integrated thermal printer enables you to print out reports
for customer education and sales support
• 7-foot replaceable cables facilitate easy service in the field with
minimal downtime
• Integrated temperature sensors in each cable improve safety

Superior warra nty ma nagement
• Encourages compliance with warranty testing procedures—
easy, step-by-step, "error-free" process improves test execution
• Rapidly determines whether a battery will benefit from a charge
or should be replaced

Increases Customer Satisfaction
• In models equipped with printer, GRX generates a clear, easy-to-understand early
status report on battery health in five minutes or less so store personnel can review
results with the customer, reinforcing role as trusted advisor
• Identifies batteries that need charging and recovers good batteries quickly to get
the customer back on the road
• Conditions batteries to reduce early life failures and improve customer service

Saves Time
Improved efficiency

• Easy to use with little or no training
• Intuitive icon-based menus and step-by-step process reduce errors
• Identifies batteries with defects like open welds or shorts to eliminate wasted
time charging bad batteries

Accurate , quick diagnosis
• Quickly assesses the condition of the battery so you only spend time
charging good/recoverable batteries
• Optimized algorithms to quickly charge good batteries for return to
the customer

Easy to use
• Large backlit screen and simple arrow keys
• Full, alphanumeric keypad
• Four LED lights enable easy monitoring of charge status, even at a distance
• Charge countdown timer improves time management and customer communication
• Rugged, durable housing stands up to heavy daily use

Midtronics GRX-3000 Battery Diagnostic Station






Early status printouts, delivered in five minutes or less,
feature an estimated charge time and potential reasons
for the low state of charge. (LEFT)
Easy-to-understand final test printouts reinforce customer
education and include codes for warranty management
programs. (RIGHT).



Product Specifications
Model: GRX-3000, includes 7-ft replaceable cables
Applications: Tests 6 and 12 volt batteries
(including regular flooded, AGM and GEL batteries)
Dimensions: 18.0 in L x 17.0 in W x 9.7 in H
(45.7 cm L x 43.2 cm W x 24.6 cm H)
Weight: 49.5 lbs
Operating Temperature: 32°F–120°F (0°C–49°C)
Display: LCD graphics display
Rating System: DIN, EN, IEC, JIS, SAE
Battery Range: CCA, CA, MCA (Marine Cranking Amps)
Charging Voltage: Up to 17 volts, .1 resolution
Charging Current: 0–50 Amps, 1 Amp resolution
Compliance: ROHS, CUL
Supported Languages:
English, Spanish, French-Canadian
Housing Material: Acid-resistant ABS plastic
Integrated Data Card Slot and USB Port
Optional Integrated Printer
Optional Communications Modules:
• Ethernet port
• Wireless ports (WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee)
• Serial ports to support features like a bar code
reader or RFID wand