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Repair damaged threads with easy and simple way.
Use NES The exciting Thread repair tools.


Nes External and Nes Internal assortment of thread restorers are the ideal tools for saving money during maintenance activities in the industry, during fixing your valuable production equipment, During Plumbing, construction jobs, agriculture, & car repair & many other applications where there are components with a damaged thread can be found.

Compare the cost of disassembling the part in order to repair a component with the INSTANT repair that need to be performed with the Nes External and Nes Internal thread restorers.
These hand tools automatically adjust to any threads diameter and pitch, can be used on left & right hand threads, both inch and metric and need no prior measurement of the thread involved.

Often the thread of component is damaged at the end of the thread eliminating the use of taps or dies for carrying out the repair. Nes External and Nes Internal thread restorers have the capability to enter BELOW the damaged area and work outwards to complete the repair.
The blades are made of high quality hardened tool steel (internal tools blades HSS, external tools blades O1). The blades are guided by the existing undamaged section of thread, in order to re-groove the damaged section.


Nes 22

Nes 22 - 1/2"-5/8"
M12- M16 restorer
Nes 23

Nes 23 - 11/16"-13/16" M16-M20
s 1A

Nes 1A - 5/32"-11/16" M4- M18
Nes 2

Nes 2 - 11/16"-11/2" M17 - M38
Nes 3 Keyway Skip Accessory

Nes 3 Keyway Skip Accessory

Turn knurled knob (K) to fully retract the blade (B) into housing (H). Insert Nes Internal tool into the threaded hole or bore to be repaired. Turn knurled knob (K) to extend blade (B) into a thread groove on an undamaged section and tighten by hand only. Rotate the Nes Internal tool by the cross-rod, as shown, in the desired direction.

Turn handle (A) to raise floating blades (B). Place the Nes External tool over thread to be repaired. Turn handle (A) to lower floating blades into grooves of thread and tighten by hand only. Turn the Nes External tool in
direction of